Retail Association of Nigeria (RAN)

The Retail Association of Nigeria is the leading national organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of retailers in Nigeria. RAN is a trade association whose mission is to improve the public image, performance effectiveness and profitability of the retail industry. RAN also provides its members with best practices and tools to successfully manage their business for greater revenue, profits and sustainable growth.

RAN is dedicated to making Nigeria the retail destination hub is Sub-Saharan Africa that is both economically and politically friendly for retail businesses local or international. RAN will armed key policy and decision-makers with information that will help them make/pass supportive legislation on behalf of the retail industry.

RAN membership is open to retailers and retail industry partners



Retail membership is for companies focused on selling goods directly to the consumer. Your membership is important. Join RAN and become part of a group that’s committed to your success.
Associate membership is for companies with a business to business relationship with retailers. Becoming an Associate Member not only pledges your support to this important organization, it gives you access to our membership.
Membership Benefits
As a RAN member you’ll receive discounts on the latest vendor services and products that as an individual retailer you might not have access to through RAN Strategic Partnership & Alliances. Our members are provided access to training and education, trade show access and invitations to exclusive industry events with significant discounts made possible by RAN’s collaborations.

RAN membership also provide you with industry news, information, interviews, and the opportunity to participate in several industry based projects. And we stand together as a voice in the industries we serve to ensure our members are a part of the innovation and evolution of the industry we all love very much. In short, being a member of Retail Association of Nigeria offers you.

More on membership Benefits:
The Community
Network and fellowship of retailer members. RAN membership has cumulatively thousands of years of retailing experiences to draw from.
VIP Treatment
Exclusive access and discounts for networking events, trade shows and educational programs.
Manufacturer Awareness
Brands will know you’re informed and want to have a conversation.
Jobs Board
As RAN is the main meeting place for both retailers and suppliers/service providers in Nigeria, we are ideally placed to be a portal for association’s sector jobs.
Resources & Communications
RAN Office & RAN Website - Consider us an extension of your staff; save time and money by using our resources to answer any of your questions.


As a key player in the retail industry in Nigeria, and to position your business more as a key retail industry supporter, we invite you to participate in RAN Partnership Programs.

Participation is open to for strategic and discerning organisations seeking to provide RAN members with invaluable money-saving and business improvement opportunities either by way of probono or discount incentive on product and service delivery you offer.

Such incentives provided by you will be included as part of RAN overall membership benefits to her members and included RAN Partnership Programs corner on RAN’s website, linked to the program/your website.