Retail Association of Nigeria (RAN) is an association that is dedicated to the growth and development of the Retail industry in Nigeria.

Retail Association of Nigeria (RAN) is open to all stakeholders and operators in the Nigerian retail industry whether they be Retailers, Retail Suppliers and Retail Service providers, retail thought individuals and organisations, retail practice individuals and organisations, retail policy makers and drivers etc, drawn largely from Retail, Manufacturing, Banks and others Financial Institutions, Real Estate, Agro-Allied, Telecommunication, Retail Technology & Software, Service providers to Retail and Government/Agencies/Parastatals.

The retail industry is central to the growth and development of the economy and the social wellbeing of the Nation in terms of contribution to GDP, employment and industrialization.

The industry as currently constituted is fragment, amorphous and uncoordinated and has no effective representation and advocacy with government.

Retail Association of Nigeria (RAN) will thus serve as a coordinating platform for retail in Nigeria and drive the growth and development of the industry in a guided and  coordinated way. It will also serve as a representation and advocacy voice for the retail industry as a whole as well as engender intra-industry collaboration for value, growth and development