Associate Membership Benefits

Becoming an Associate Member not only pledges your support to this important organization, it gives you access to the retail industry as a whole since retailers, manufacturers, bankers, tech groups, realtors, media outlets, and other retail service providers work with RAN. As a RAN member, you can communicate directly to this target market through print promotion, digital media and live events. This is made possible by becoming a RAN member and by supporting RAN's programs.

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Being an Associate Member offers you:

Targeted Outreach

Your brand message heard loud and clear by our members through targeted marketing efforts.

Insider Industry Knowledge

Invaluable information to help you break into the action sports retail market.

Recognition by a Captive Audience

The attention of loyal, core retailers who will take notice of your support.

Logo and Web Link

Show the retailers who have supported your business from the start that you are returning the favour by supporting their organization and be listed on the Associate Members page along with your logo linked to your website.

Service Listing and Exclusive B2B Offers

We’ll promote your service with your copy, logo and contact info at a very good discount on our partner's website Retail Info

Do you have a special deal you want to offer RAN members? We’ll also highlight in our most popular Member Discounts section. Have a current advert and promo? We’ll also highlight in our most popular Member Advert and Promo section. All this at a huge and unbelievable discount!

Trade Show Marketing

Send us a printed piece you’d like to have available to retailers who we meet at trade shows and conferences. We’ll be happy to include your piece in our booth space at these events.

Exclusive Industry Event Discounts

Discounted attendance cost for special networking events like Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Meeting, Training, Conferences, Trade Show and other money saving opportunities including those of our partners.

Here are a few Money-Saving Benefits currently offered by RAN Partners:

  • Receive significant discounts and save money on select Bervidson Group consulting, training workshops, conferences, rountables, breaakfast & dinner events, exhibitions, recruitment services and other industry support programs of the group. A great incentive for your organisation!
  • Receive significant discounts and save money on Advertisement placement on Retail Info. This professional solution will help you break into highly important social marketing and advertising world.
  • Receive significant discounts and save money on branded and targeted emails we send out on your behalf to RAN members using Bervidson Group platforms. You provide copy and graphics; we’ll provide complete open and click-through mails to our targeted members.
  • And more!